Friday, January 25, 2013

Why is it so hard?

Choosing paint colors....

I thought it was hard picking out paint colors for our last house which was already standing and all you had to do was hold up paint swatches and debate. However, it is so much harder to choose paint colors for a house that is not even framed yet!

Today was not a good day on the house front... our Mortgage Lady informed us that yet again they are running behind and we have to push back closing on our construction loan by another two weeks! Aghhh!

So to take my mind off of that bad news I went to the Benjamin Moore store and swiped oh about hundred paint swatches...

Not only do we have to decide on the exterior color but also the four interior colors.

Here are some of my inspiration photos...

BM Horizon

BM Tranquility

BM Pale Smoke

Wall color is Benjamin Moore Gray Owl OC-52
(I think is is also one of Candice Olsen's favortite colors!)

This is a fun gray!  BM Fushion

miscellaneous - Benjamin Moore - Revere Pewter - Revere, Pewter,  Gray paint for my foyer.

the color is Benjamin Moore Pale Oak OC-20

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Waiting, waiting, and more waiting...

Welcome to my first blog post!  
Well, we are doing it!

We are building a house!

Building a house has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. The hubby and I have been married for over 10 years now and we had our last house for sale for almost 4 years when it finally sold back in October! We decided it is now or never so we are taking the plunge!

For the past five months we have been on this journey of planning, drawing, more planning, re-drawing, and then re-drawing again until we finally settled on a house plan and budget.

Now we are just playing the waiting game for the construction loan to close! Unfortunatley, we are a month behind closing when we wanted to... but we finally have a date set for next week! Fingers crossed!

Here is the front elevation:

Right now we are trying to decide on the exterior colors of the house. It is going to be plank siding with a tin roof over the wrap around porch.

We met with our designer this past weekend and these are the colors we came up with based on another house in the same neighborhood... but almost immediately after we left I started to change my mind! (big surprise!)

Restoration Slate for the body
Sherwin Williams Garbo Silver for the trim (which really is just a white color)

This is picture showing Restoration Slate and I just think it will be too dark for the whole house.

So, now to find another color... 

I think we will stay in this greige color palatte, just something a little lighter. 

Our designer suggested Benjamin Moore -Briarwood. Which just might work... however they are building a house for the Parade of Homes which will be just down the street and she is going to use that color on that house as well. So we'll see...

More to come!
Briarwood / BM RME-73
BM Briarwood