Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not Approved!

So our paint colors for the exterior of our house were REJECTED by the Architectural Committee for our neighborhood.

After weeks of soul searching, we had finally decided on Benjamin Moore- Briarwood as the exterior body color.  I mentioned before that this color is being used on the Parade of Homes Ideal house that is being built right down the road from ours.

They painted it a couple of weeks ago and I almost immediately started questioning my decision to use that color. Don't get me wrong, I like it but since the beginning I always had it in my head that our farmhouse should be white!

Well, it looks like I am getting my wish! (maybe!) We met with our decorator again for the THIRD time to discuss exterior paint colors and now we are just waiting on the Architectural Committee to meet again to approve them.

We chose Benjamin Moore- Swiss Coffee for the exterior body color and trim:


Which brings me to my next (expensive) point...

A white farmhouse would be pretty plain unless you have shutters for contrast. When we signed the contract we did not include shutters in the price. So now we have decided to add shutters which will be coming out of our pocket since they were not included in the original contract. 

Here is the exterior with shutters and without. I think the shutters will look pretty good! We are going to go with a dark brown, almost black color.

When looking for an exterior white color, I came across this picture on Houzz and fell in love with the color scheme. Luckily in the comments they said the color was Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. We are going to go with a dark roof as well.

Swiss Coffee - BM

Do you like it better with shutters or without?

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The Close Family said...

shutters for sure girlfriend!