Sunday, March 24, 2013

Studs and Mud

Well, its been a week of progress!  We had our meeting with the neighborhood architectural committee, which is really just one guy that is a well known architect and was one of the original planners of the neighborhood.  He approved our exterior house colors, brick, fence design, and window trim, which is wonderful since last month we got a big fat NO from him!

We are going with Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee for the body color and Sherwin Williams Porpoise for the shutter color and accent color.
Sherwin Williams Porpoise 7047

The front door will be stained dark walnut but the "Friends & Family" door on the side of the house will be Benjamin Moore - Stratton Blue, like in this picture. We purchased an antique door from a salvage company that was from a house built in 1907. More to come on it later...

After we were done with our meeting we were able to walk through the houe for the first time. It is kind of surreal seeing what you have planned on paper for the last 6 months actually standing!

Here are a few glipses of the first floor, hopefully by next weekend they will have the 2nd level on!

This is the windows above the kitchen sink.

Looking into the dining room. I have to say that the window on the left is a bit of concern because it is so close to that wall! It has been the topic of much debate but I am not sure what we can do about it since the windows have to line up on the outside of the house...hmmm...

This is the side entrance for friends and family to use, i.e. we have dubbed it the "Friends & Family" door! This is the one that will be blue... (unless I change my mind!)
Back Porch!

Front door! (with a nice view of our Porta-Potty!)

And finally here is our mud...uh I mean part of our backyard! Let's just say when we left my shoes and jeans were pretty much covered in mud. But hey,  ain't no mud going keep me away from my studs!

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