Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Hood...

Spring is starting to emerge and I am so excited! I love Spring! I was looking back through some photos we had in our phones from when we first started driving around the neighborhood last summer and I thought I would post a preview of the hood and some of the houses. What we love most about this neighborhood is that most of the houses have front porches and it is a true sidewalk community and has a lot of differnt house styles.
This little pond is one street over from our house. I think Brad and Muffin will enjoy afternoon walks to this pond. It has a fish feeder so we know there are fish in there, although I doubt Brad will be fishing out of it. This picture makes it look bigger than it really is!
Love the green grass and flowers.. Spring and Summer can't get here fast enough!

This has always been one of my favorites! I wish we could afford to do an all tin roof like this one!

 Here I am standing on what will be our front porch!

 This is the style house that our builder is going to put on the lot to the left of us.

We have had two meetings this week with Linda who is our interior decorator that is helping us with all the finishes, paint colors, etc. I'll post updates soon!


Cora said...

Hey beautiful!!!
No matter what you do I know it will be beautiful just like you! I'm so proud of you! You will look back on this blog one day and remember all the little things that made your house a home! Good luck and keep up the journaling!

Patti said...

Thank you Aunt Cora!